When selecting a design firm, the criteria should be based on the qualifications, reputation, and past experience of the personnel assigned to the project. Our local contractors act as our references; they can attest to the quality of our drawings, the accuracy of our suggestions, and our impeccable team-building skills.


Sigma Engineers has been credited for designing some of the most recognized buildings in Southeast Texas and outside of the region. Our design team includes both architects and engineers which encourages creativity and promotes open communication to prevent any subsequent construction delays, something other firms may not be able to achieve. Moreover, we have two highly trained interior designers ready to assist in the furnishing and stylization of our projects.


As a team with structural and civil engineers, we strive to design buildings and facilities that can endure specific kinds of natural or man-made disasters and provide the necessary longevity and cost-effectiveness. We have mastered reverse-engineering — the art of determining the causes of failure in structural systems. Years of experience in dynamic-analysis combined with successful designs for pressures of hurricane force winds and floods have been extremely instrumental in our forensic training.



Sigma Engineers started in the industrial market by designing control buildings, operator shelters, instrument houses, offices, machine shops, and laboratories. Our unique background enables us to approach projects with the means of assessing the physical, technical, and financial attributes necessary to ensure a smooth course of action. We are well versed in OSHA safety requirements, prevailing building codes, and the most economical commercial/industrial applications to compliment any of the owner’s standards.


We’ve worked with local developers to bring big brand names like Gander Mountain, Stage, Kmart, Party City, and various chain restaurants to Southeast Texas. Our seasoned team is fully capable of creating designs and conducting the building of new facilities, as well as renovations of existing structures.

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