Our team of highly-trained, specialized professionals such as structural engineers, civil engineers, architects, and interior designers. Sigma Engineers has perfected the science of designing blast resistant buildings and retrofit of existing structures for high wind events and explosion. We believe education and diversity are the hallmarks of expertise.


Areas of Expertise

Our hands-on experience has enhanced our skill set in a wide variety of areas: commercial, industrial, institutional, blast resistant buildings, and forced entry design. Additionally, we can provide an incomparable understanding of the technical, environmental, and financial impacts of any project. We believe a successful design is a safe design, and a safe design saves our client time and money.



With over fifty years of combined experience, Sigma Engineers carries a wealth of invaluable knowledge in practical and cost-effective design. With successful projects ranging from churches, banks, and government offices to university renovations, retrofitting, and forensic engineering, there is no challenge that can stand against our culminated wisdom.



Our 28 years of success is attributed to the experience and work ethic of our professional staff. Most of them have backgrounds in construction and engineering which have only been enhanced by their time with Sigma Engineers, allowing insights into the discipline and functionality of designs for successful projects that create repeat clients.

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